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XXL Lighting & Large Spaces

December 2023

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"Light is a fundamental element of architecture". In her article "Luminaires XXL et Grands espaces", in issue 405 of Architecture Crée, Karine Quédreux talks about the importance of lighting, particularly in large spaces, which are often cold and impersonal. This article, written following a series of interviews with professionals in the sector, highlights DESIGNHEURE's expert point of view on the subject:

Luminaires have to meet a variety of functional, aesthetic and emotional requirements that are specific to each project. To this end, in response to the significant expansion of meeting places (airports, hotel lobbies, shopping centres, etc.), new XXL lighting solutions have appeared to occupy and illuminate these new, huge spaces and to give them a distinctive signature.

Because the lighting solution defines the way a place is perceived and its identity, the choice of lights is decisive for each project. Depending on its position, size, texture or colour, the luminaire has a different impact. To create unique and harmonious settings in hotel projects, for example, DESIGNHEURE offers lights in a variety of fabrics, printed or coloured, as well as monumental and daring creations: destructuring chandeliers lengthways/heightways, in staircases, etc. The light fixtures thus become the "signature light" of a hotel and, often visible from the outside, inviting visitors to come and discover this welcoming and unique world.

dressing the volume

"The prescription of XXL lighting covers the notion of "inhabiting the space", a challenge that is both aesthetic and institutional in high spaces, which are generally assimilated to reception areas in the service sector. This approach also applies to defining an environment that is representative of the company's values, the premises and the people who occupy them. " Bénédicte Collod - Managing Director of DESIGNHEURE

Lighting fixtures, particularly those of remarkable size, are capable of radically transforming the atmosphere of a space. For tertiary projects, DESIGNHEURE offers colourful collections with contemporary, aerial designs to dress up and humanise these large volumes, which can be at times intimidating and soulless. Chandeliers and suspended luminaires take up the available height, like a projection of the layout on the floor, and bring a comforting and motivating presence to employees.

DESIGNHEURE designs all its products according to the projects in which they are installed, taking into account the dimensions, special features and technical constraints. The brand's design office calculates the lengths of the textile cords and adds modules of different sizes, enabling it to create exceptional, monumental and decorative pieces for each of its customers.

A tailor-made approach for each space

"All our products are redesigned to fit the space by our design office, taking into account the dimensions of the environment. By calculating the length of the textile cords - our signature - and adding modules, we can create specific designs for each project. From a standard layout, this can be a deconstruction of the height in a spiral, for example, or straddling two ceilings of different heights, or in a staircase, with a mix of module sizes. 3D, manufacturing and installation plans are provided in support" - Bénédicte Collod - Managing Director of DESIGNHEURE