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News / Blog / Théâtre Molière of Sète Patrons' Club Evening

Théâtre Molière of Sète Patrons' Club Evening

January 2024

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As a patron of the theater of Sète, scène nationale, both during its renovation and to support the production of live shows, the company also invests in preserving the city's the city's cultural and architectural heritage.

As a member of the Club des entreprises mécènes du Théâtre Molière de Sète, scène nationale, DESIGNHEURE welcomed around a hundred people last Wednesday for a very special event. For the first time, the Sète theater was moved into the editor-manufacturer's assembly workshops.

For one evening, the premises were magnified to welcome members and partners of the Club des mécènes, the theater and DESIGNHEURE teams.
For this occasion, author and director Philippe Car performed on an ephemeral stage created especially for the occasion in the DESIGNHEURE assembly workshops. In one day, 10 technicians came to assemble and install the stage, curtains, lighting and sound. To allow for this installation, DESIGNHEURE emptied its workshop, then reinstalled everything in another space to continue working on both Wednesday and Thursday. An example of DESIGNHEURE's adaptability, if ever there was one!

The actor invited each guest to enter the fascinating world of Edmond Rostand... Giving body and voice to over forty characters he played himself, he composed a sensitive portrait of the famous French playwright, inhabited by a burning passion for writing.
This evening will go down as one of the highlights of the season for the TMS Corporate Patrons Club!

Photographer : Fabien Espinasse