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News / Blog / Mobula collection awarded with MIAW - Muuuz design award

Mobula collection awarded with MIAW - Muuuz design award

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Designheure is winner of the MIAW Awards 2021 by Muuuz in the "Lighting Collection" category with the new Mobula collection - design Designheure Studio.

Organized by Muuuz in partnership with the magazine of a, the Muuuz International Awards each year reward the most remarkable products for architecture, layout and decoration.

A true tribute to the Mediterranean ray, the Mobula collection succeeds in the challenge of reintroducing life and movement into work spaces in general. The art of poetry and line has been perfectly mastered by the Designheure studio, which created this piece.

Mobula is inspired by the courtship of these large rays with triangular fins, known for their impressive leaps out of the water. It is this dynamism and liveliness that Designheure infuses into its collection. The volume is revealed through low-angled light and backlighting in a resolutely poetic scenography of light and shadow.
The coloured felt side panels add dynamism to the whole, with a notable perspective effect.

Thanks to their aerial and organic design, the suspended luminaires become timeless and can be integrated into all the work spaces of tertiary or residential projects, but also in hotels (lobby or room).

Their scenographic capacity allows them to be assembled in line, with several modules:
- They can thus be adapted to the configuration of the work areas and the number of offices to be lit.
- or independent of each other, playing on the different sizes. They then create a decor suggesting a fever of flying stingrays.

On the inside or outside, the magic is also created thanks to the range of finishes offered both for the aluminium structure (white lacquered, or metallic fabrics in light gold, silver or copper colours) and for the side felts.

Designed for professional lighting, this dimmable suspension offers :
- a very good quality of light for a very high efficiency,
- and a very good colour rendering CRI = 90+

"The attention to detail, and ultimately the creation of an almost artistic object has won the Muuuz International Award 2021 in the category "Lighting / Suspension". Miaw awards.