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News / Blog / Impact of covid on business production - The strength of French style

Impact of covid on business production - The strength of French style

October 2021

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Businesses around the world are now experiencing significant breakdowns in parts or materials made in China. This dependence emphasizes political choices to subcontract products to Asia and has significant consequences today on the production capacities of these companies, which are sometimes forced to close workshops or put their employees on technical unemployment.

The French manufacture of Designheure on all phases of its process (design, manufacture, assembly, packaging, shipping) is a choice assumed since 2005 and of which we are proud today apart from any fad. Today Designheure is proud to have always been able to serve its customers during COVID and to continue to serve them WITHOUT impact on its usual production deadlines. Designheure is also one of the rare companies to carry products from its catalog in many colors in stock, and thus ensures an exceptional fire capacity, and exemplary lead times (5 standard days / 4 custom weeks). We are happy that these courageous choices are in some way rewarded by the turbulent times the world is going through and that our brand is a sure bet in terms of design, quality and service.

We follow our collections over time and regularly create new collections without falling into product launch announcement effects - never produced afterwards. Finally, the artistic direction of the brand has created for our industry a style and an inspiring & poetic, identifiable & innovative aesthetic. The French style is reflected at Designheure through the creation of simple, elegant and ingenious products which all have an additional function. They have the spirit of Chanel's little black dress, the ultimate expression of this art of detail that makes all the difference.

Testimonial from one of our agents in the USA.
Simone, Rep from Light USA :
I also wanted to add that working with Designheure is different than some other lighting companies that import their product from various overseas factories. For instance, we represent some firms that introduce a number of items each year and regularly ‘discontinue’ product, so once out of stock, these items are not available at smaller quantities for replacement down the road.
Designheure is both the design facility and manufacturer and every order is custom made in their facility in Sète, France. The quality and attention to detail is very high and they have control over the entire process.
In the time we have represented them since 2016, they have only grown the array of beautiful lighting they offer and only discontinued a handful of fabrics options, but never products.
I hope that assuages any concerns that you wouldn’t receive excellent long term support to maintain the functionality and beauty of the fixtures you are investing in.