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News / Blog / The "Big Wave" of Jean Michel Othoniel surges to the CRAC of Sète

The "Big Wave" of Jean Michel Othoniel surges to the CRAC of Sète

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The Regional Center of Contemporary Art of Sète presents the exhibition Géométries Amoureuses by Jean-Michel Othoniel, composed of unpublished and monumental works inspired by the forms of nature. It offers a path close to a radical, monochrome and abstract architecture. These new works of glass, mirror, metal, ink or obsidian show the evolution of the artist's work at the Center Pompidou in 2011.

Jean-Michel Othoniel produces with this project a set of works forming part of a strong relationship in Sète and the architecture of the art center.
His latest creation, Big Wave, evokes the superlatives, gigantic, impressive, spectacular, but also graceful and poetic, made of 10 000 glass bricks blown in India. The artist recounts his desire for a sculpture that was both monumental and fragile, following his trip to Japan and the terrible tsunami that struck Fukushima.

The exhibition is held from 11/06/2017 to 24/09/2017.

Photos opposite: Monographic exhibition '' Geometries amoureuses '' - Jean-Michel Othoniel, The Big Wave, 2017 - Bricks in Indian black glass, metal. Approx. H: 535 x W: 1500 x D: 510 cm