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Pendant lights Mobula

October 2021

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The concept of this collection is to reintroduce life and movement in the working areas, by taking inspiration from the Mobula flying rays. Capturing the way that they swim by flapping their large triangular fins and leaping out of the water.
The design of the wings and the lighting effect evoke an impulse, like a flight, creating a poetic and organic dimension that plays with the perspective. Its design makes it an airy product that can be adapted to any environment (office, residential and hotel industry).

Available in two sizes and four finishes, these suspensions enables several compositions : Assembled in line (in series) with several modules or staged with a multitude of independent suspensions of different sizes like a school of flying rays.

Designed as a task lighting, this dimmable pendant offers a very good quality of light for a very high efficiency as well as a very good color rendering CRI = 90+.