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Company / Awards / London design (city) awards - 2015 - Collection Eau de Lumière

London design (city) awards - 2015 - Collection Eau de Lumière

december 2015

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On December 10, Designheure was declared “silver winner” at the London Design (city) awards, Home & Garden category, after beeing selected with its very new collection EAU DE LUMIERE at the show 100% Design in London in September 2015.

Its values : accelerate transformation, celebrate courage
growing demand for design !

Who’s design100 ?
“design100 provide a platform of award programs across three continents. They have been created to celebrate that most elusive, yet essential ingredient that lift our daily labours above the everyday.

That ingredient is courage; courage to seek further, aim higher, work harder.

Every design100 award program acknowledges that we live in a marketplace where the quality of our design choices should be a mix of sound, commercial understanding and courageous, relevant design.

It’s why we equally acknowledge and award the important role played by both the creators and those who commissioned the project. Neither can exist without the other.

We celebrate their work and partnerships, opening communication between designers and the marketplace to help provide thought leadership on how design will shape the future.”
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